About MDS

Revenue Cycle Management Companies

Medical Data Systems (MDS) is a privately held corporation founded in 1985 that helps healthcare professionals with their accounts receivables. MDS is one of the few Revenue Cycle Companies that perform 100% of the work in house. All accounts are worked by MDS staff in the USA. 

The management team has more than 100 years of combined experience with an average tenure of 13.6 years. All clients get to work directly with the MDS Executive Leadership, Client Service Director, IS Director and Operational Managers to ensure best in class communication and customer service. 

Our Mission Vision and Culture

Mission: A business partner that provides revenue cycle/receivables management solutions with results that consistently exceed expectations, while maintaining relationships with the communities our clients serve.

Vision: Professional service, innovative solutions, and a trusted business partner in healthcare receivables management, delivering results through a respectful, counseling approach that uses advanced technological solutions and maintains positive community relationships for our clients.

Culture: MDS pride ourselves in not being just another “vendor”, but truly consider ourselves a business partner with each of our client facilities and their organizations. This resonates with every person on our team – whether we are interacting with another colleague, a patient, or one of our Client partners. This is the reason we are here and the driving philosophy behind how we go about our day. Our six key values are:

  • Integrity: We act with integrity in everything we do.
  • Service: We humbly serve our communities and those who serve and heal others.
  • Accountability: We are accountable to our clients and colleagues.
  • Unity: We work as a unified team.
  • Learning: We are constantly learning and transferring that knowledge to our Clients.

  • Respect: We treat everyone with dignity and respect.

The MDS Team

MDS’s most important asset – its people. People are where ideas are born, initiatives are implemented and processes are tweaked. Our people are who take care of patients when they need someone to help with their bill. Motivated employees are happy to serve and are more invested in an organization’s success. There are plenty of statistics that prove that happier employees result in happier customers – we believe what is going on inside an organization is felt on the outside of the organization. MDS is implementing technology into our employee recruitment and retention strategies to ensure our employees:

  • have a good work/life balance
  • have clear goals
  • are trusted
  • are celebrated at both personal and work milestones
  • and are incentivized to come to work for us every day